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Golf - 2 | Bar/Restaurant/Special Events - 3 | Catering - 4 | Sports Complex - 5

Indoor Sports

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It is the goal of Salmon Creek to ensure our Sports Complex provides a safe, fun, and affordable service to the sports community. Our primary focus of the facility is soccer and lacrosse league play and baseball instruction. Our Sports Complex is very versatile though and can be used for more than the fore mentioned activities. We also allow flag football, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, birthday parties, and indoor golf. If you have an activity in mind feel free to ask if we can accommodate you.

Turf Field Rental Policies
  1. For 1 to 3 sessions, the front desk can book hours. For extended rental requests, more than three sessions, please contact the Sports Director Bill Fahey at 585-230-6152. Special events such as a Keepers Clinic, league tryouts, etc. will require approval in writing before being scheduled. 1
  2. Arrival time is 15 minutes before your selected session time. Access to the field will be at the rented session time.
  3. There will be no food, beverages, or gum allowed on the floor.
  4. The renter is required to bring their own equipment; i.e. balls.
  5. The renter is responsible for the conduct of the participants and clean up after the session, leave it as you find it.
  6. The renter is responsible for participants staying in the areas they rented.
  7. The renter is responsible for all damage caused by the participants.
  8. No outdoor cleats are allowed
  9. The Turf field is not to be used for batting practice
  10. During rental times, no competitive matches (for ages 15 and up) are allowed without an assigned certified referee.

1. The renter is responsible for the coordination of the session rented. If the renter cannot make the session rented, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. There are no makeup times. When a replacement is found, the payment plan is still in affect.

Rental Rates
(2022-2023 Season)

A price sheet with the rates listed below is posted on the cork board by the front desk. You may also ask for a copy at the front desk.

Walk in Rate
  • 1 to 3 Rentals ($135.00/Hour)
Rates Below Require a Contract
  • 4 to 10 Rentals ($125.00/Hour)
  • 11 or More Rentals ($110.00/Hour)
Off Hour Rates
  • Monday - Friday 12 to 5 PM ($65.00/Hour)
  • Monday - Friday 5 to 6 PM ($80.00/Hour)
  • All days 9 to 11 PM ($95.00/Hour)
  • Holiday Rates w/Contract ($80.00/Hour)
  • Holiday Rates Walk Ins ($120.00/Hour)
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Winter Break, and Spring Break only.

  • Birthday Parties ($100.00/Hour)
  • Family Birthday Parties (Using Soccer Field) ($25.00/Hour)
  • Sunday Women's Soccer League ($725.00 for 8 Game)
  • Youth Soccer Leagues (Age Dependent, call Sports Director)