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Salmon Creek Golf Association

2017 Member Dues remain the same at $65.00 for a single membership and $130 for a family which includes hole-in-one insurance. Hole-in-One drinks should be claimed within 30 days of the event.

Dues must be paid before you will be allowed to post a score or participate in an association golf tournament or league.. Please complete the registration form and return it to the individual listed on the form. Make checks payable to Salmon Creek Golf Association.

Tournament fees remains at $20. It includes skins, prizes, and an association fee.

The Tournament Schedule is complete and similar to last year. Tournament times and format are subject to change so check the Tournament Sign-up Sheets posted in the Pro Shop well in advance of each event. Members are welcome to suggest new tournament formats.

Mid-March, sign-up sheets will be available in the Pro-Shop for:

  • Men’s Thursday League – Tee times 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    • Sign up with a partner or ask Pro Shop Staff for assistance
    • Please notify Allen Nash as soon as you have a league partner
  • Ladies’ Thursday League – tee times start at 5:00 PM
  • Friday Night Couples League – tee times after 4:30 PM, start date is tbd

RDGA Tournament schedule will be posted in the Pro Shop and is available on-line at www.rdga.org. Tournament sign up can be completed on-line. If you have questions contact Glenn Smith or Sue Gay, our RDGA Representatives.

WRDGA Tournament schedule and sign up will be available on-line at www.wrdga.org. Our WRDGA Representative, Kathy Schuth will keep the ladies updated.

2017 Committee Chairmen are listed below; please contact them if you would like to be a part of a committee.

Golf Rules Committee

Jack Schuth
Phone: 585-880-4303
Email: jschuth@gmail.com

Handicap Chairman

Kevin Wayda
Phone: 585-978-0200
Email: Kwayda1@rochester.rr.com

Tournament and GHIN Coordinator

Bernie Ward
Phone: 585-964-2203
Email: Ward3684@aol-com

Couples League

Kim Lowell
Phone: 585-749-2074
Email: klowell927@aol.com


Kathy Schuth
Phone: 585-752-4774
Email: kschuth@thecabotgroup.com

Presidents Cup

Joe McVige
Phone: 585-682-4230
Email: jhmcvige@gmail.com

Men’s League

Allen Nash
Phone: 585-261-8302
Email: anash@rochester.rr.com
After 4/15 please call: 585-247-4724

Women’s League

Sue Gay
Phone: 585-964-3044
Email: sgay@rochester.rr.com


Glenn Smith or Sue Gay
Glenn Phone: 585-269-6483
Sue Phone: 585-964-3044
Glenn Email: earlynnker@gmail.com
Sue Email: sgay@rochester.rr.com

The “Get Acquainted Gathering” will be held on March 30th at 6:30 p.m. at the Club House. A $5 fee will get you pizza, beer or pop and a perfect opportunity to socialize, sign up for league and tournaments, and meet new members.

Salmon Creek Local Rules are available in the Pro Shop at the computer desk. Information about posting scores and our slow play policy are listed below.

Summer vs Winter Rules

Winter Rules means Lift/Clean/Place

  • If it is posted CART PATH ONLY – Winter Rules will be acceptable all over
  • If it is posted 90 DEGREES – Winter Rules are to be played in your fairway only

The posting of course conditions / rules for play is decided by:

  • Mike Schuth for daily play
  • Allen Nash for Thursday Men’s League Play
  • Jack Schuth and Bernie Ward for Tournament Play
Rules for Posting

It is important that you post your score (ESC adjusted) after each round and identify if the score is from another course, a 9-hole score, or a tournament score. If you have any problems posting scores please see the personal in the Pro Shop. If a player fails to post an acceptable score at their earliest opportunity after completion of the round, the Handicap Committee will take action according to the rules posted on the bulletin board. The Committee will be monitoring tournament, league, and Sunday Box scores.

The following are acceptable scores to be posted for handicap posting purposes:

  • Post scores from home or away golf courses.
  • Post scores when at least seven holes are played (7-12 holes are posted as a 9-hole score; 13 or more are posted as an 18-hole score).
  • Post scores made in an area observing an active season. (Florida in the winter has an active golf season while Rochester does not. You would post if golfing in Florida.)
  • Post scores made under The Rules of Golf.
  • Post scores on all courses with a valid USGA Course Rating ™ and Slope Rating ®.
  • Post scores when playing two nines, even if it is the same nine, or nines from different days. The GHIN System will combine and calculate two nines into an 18-hole score.
  • Post scores in all forms of competition: match play, stroke play, and team competitions where players play their own ball.
  • Post scores played under the local rule of “preferred lies”
Slow Play Policy

The program to address slow play will be continued this year. In short, members of a group failing to maintain an appropriate pace will receive a warning the first time. If there is another instance of slow play they will be asked to play at the end of the tournament. We understand that some groups will play faster than others, but everyone should be able to keep a pace of 4 ½ hours or better under good conditions.

Salmon Creek Golf Association Board

Judy Schuth, President
Jack Schuth, 1st VP
Kevin Wayda, 2nd VP
Kathy Schuth, 3rd VP
Diane Abel, Secretary
Allen Nash, Treasurer
David Oakes, Director
Len Petitti, Director
John Gay, Director